Northern Community Mediation

Staff Retreat

Kristy Whitman, Karen Cole, & Kirstyn Horan

Once a year, the staff of Northern Community Mediation sets aside one day for a staff retreat. The purpose of this workshop is to review the past year and plan for the following year. The 2016 staff retreat was held on Friday, November 18. The following issues were addressed:

  1. Calendar for 2017
  2. Review of personnel, governance and office pollicies
  3. Review of mediation forms
  4. Weighted caseload and distribution of responsibilities
  5. Job descriptions
  6. Fees
  7. Status of Equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers
  8. Staff succession
  9. Cross training of staff
  10. Update of mediator list
  11. Conflict Resolution Day
  12. 40-Hour training
  13. Trend reports

The 2017 staff retreat is scheduled for Friday, November 17.