Northern Community Mediation

Services & Programs


From a legal perspective, types of cases are divided into two categories: general civil and criminal. Northern  Community Mediation (NCM) offers mediation services for all types of general civil cases. NCM also becomes involved in criminal cases by working with victims and offenders to determine restitution and in some cases, punishment. For a list of the types of cases handled by NCM, go to the Homepage of this website.

For many situations, NCM is the only place people can turn to find help in resolving their conflicts. These types of cases involve circumstances in which no legal rights are attached. Examples are cases that involve non-married couples, gay couples, and grandparents with their grandchildren.

Additionally, NCM manages five programs: Child Protection Mediation Program (CDP), Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP), School Attendance Mediation Program, Restorative Practices Mediation Program, and the American Veterans Mediation Program.

  • Child Protection cases relate to child abuse and neglect situations and often address the loss of parental rights.
  • The VORP attempts to mend relationships that have been violated by crimes.
  • The goal of the School Attendance Mediation Program is to lower absenteeism and tardiness.
  • The purpose of the Restorative Practices Mediation Program is to help students in schools resolve conflicts as they occur.
  • The American Veterans Mediation Program offers all NCM services to American Veterans free of charge.

For more information on these five programs, click on Child Protection, VORP, School Attendance, Restorative Practices or American Veterans on the left.

Within the VORP, NCM offers two shoplifting programs: First-Time Offender Shoplifting Program and Preventative Shoplifting Program. The First-Time Offender Shoplifting Program offers those individuals who have been caught shoplifting for the first time a second chance. The Preventative Shoplifting Program is available on a yearly basis to all fourth-grade classes in the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District service area. For more information on these two programs, click on Shoplifting on the left.

NCM also works closely with the school districts within the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District (Char-Em ISD) service area. Through authorization of the Michigan Department of Special Education, NCM facilitates meetings between parents and educators to develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and to address other issues that relate to special needs students. The School Attendance Mediation Program is a collaborative initiative between Char-Em ISD and NCM.

Supplementary to mediation services, NCM sponsors workshops and trainings. These consist primarily of trainings for people to become mediators, update trainings for mediators presently on the roster, and advanced training for specialized types of cases. For information on upcoming trainings, click on Workshops and Trainings on the left.