Northern Community Mediation

Board Retreat

Back row: Christian Smith, Mark Fralick, Brian Kasiborski, Kirk Raymond, Front Row: Ed Engstrom, Kate Sccollin, Stuart Fenton, Jane Millar, Bob Banner, Julie Kuchnicki, Chelsea Platte

On Monday, February 27, Northern Community Mediation (NCM) held its annual Board Retreat at the Boyne City Tap Room. President Kate Scollin began by giving an overview of the topics to be covered during the workshop.

Board member Chelsea Platte then reviewed the mission of NCM: The mission of Northern Community Mediation is to help people resolve conflicts in Charlevoix and Emmet Counties. She then introduced the concept that an organization needs two visions. The organizational vision relates to internal, everyday operations, whereas the societal vision focuses upon the external goals and objectives. Following each of these explanations, board members shared their visions within each of these categories.

Board member Christian Smith then led the group through an exercise that introduced the idea of a fundraising calendar. NCM receives a quarter of its funding from the State Court Administrative Office and half from the local counties and courts. To have a balanced budget, NCM needs to raise the remaining quarter, which is does through charging minimal fees, fundraising events and donations. Fees are ongoing, whereas the Petoskey Theatre Party is always held the second Monday in March, and the Charlevoix Theatre Party takes place on the second Monday in October. Consequently, the focus of the fundraising calendar became the timeline for a donor campaign.

Not only was the retreat productive, it was a fun time for all in attendance. A special thanks goes to the wait staff at the Boyne City Tap Room.